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Meet Lekeshia

Entrepreneur, author, mom, community leader and motivational speaker

Heeyy yall! I'm so happy you decided to come over here! I'm Lekeshia, many call me Keshia, some call me Kesh, others call me coach, my babies call me mommy. I also lead a community (The Praying Single Mom Community) of 6k+ single moms, we love it over there! I am from ATL shawty, lived in Columbus, GA for a few years, and now i'm in Orlando, FL making the most happen with every opportunity I have been blessed with.  


I have so many titles, and I am so multi-faceted, but two thing remains true, I love Christ and I am an overcomer. A two-time divorcee, domestic violence survivor, childhood trauma survivor, from poverty to wealth, from limited beliefs to mental breakthrough, I have earned my stripes. 

I graduated with my degree in Behavioral Psychology in May 2021. I left a Fortune 500 company that same year to pursue my purpose and my passion. My goal is to show others that with the right mindset, breakthrough is possible in every area of life. 


Your breakthrough is just outside of your comfort zone.

Lekeshia Cody

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