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Meet Lekeshia

Entrepreneur, author, mom, community leader, coach, and motivational speaker. 

Heeyy yall! I'm so happy you decided to come over here! I'm Lekeshia, many call me Keshia, some call me Kesh, others call me coach, my babies call me mommy. I am from ATL shawty, lived in Columbus, GA for a few years, and now i'm in Orlando, FL making the most happen with every opportunity I have been blessed with.  

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One more thing! I absolutely love to write.  I am not just a professional single mom; but a girl with a Mind Made Over. My goal is to help you build a full, awesome life, no matter where you've come from. I’ve helped thousands of mommas with career, money, business, parenting, dating, sex, success, love, and relationships advice. So get Inside Lekeshia's Mindset! Let's go. 

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“You’re not struggling! You’re transitioning!” Is what I hear playing in my head as I embrace this journey called growth. When I think about my growth and how far I've gotten, it's really mind blowing! It all started with just a cry out to God for a shift to take place in my life. Then I came across the “The Praying Single Mom” group. I then took it upon myself to inbox my now life coach Lekeshia Cody. When I first reached out I didn’t know If she would reply but to my surprise she did. I went on and on about how I was so unhappy and wished my mind would stop being so negative, she then introduced me to the “gratitude jar “and from there it was history! Since working with her, I've seen a shift in my mindset I am able to think clearly. No more negative thoughts controlling me!!"

Brianna Harrison

Founder at Pretty&Go


“The way I met you was such a Divine connection. I was so frustrated where I was because I didn’t know how to move forward with the assignment God gave me. I second guessed myself a lot and I only had to speak to you one time to know that I wanted you to work with me. I want to thank you for helping me realize the greatness I have within me. You’ve shown me that it’s okay to give myself grace. Just keep showing up. It’s only been a couple weeks and I already feel transformed and ready to take on the assignment God has for me. I look forward to continue working with you! ”

Junita Tinsley 
Mompreneur Coach MommaWorkIt


“Working with Lekeshia has been phenomenal. During our call I was able to get much clearer on my business strategy,  which helped me gain more clarity on developing a business model that fits my personal skills. I would highly recommend Lekeshia for business coaching services she is extremely qualified organized, structured and full of knowledge. ”

Sabrina Willis 
Confidence Coach 

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